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Un post divertido de su blog personal: Uruguayos vistos desde fuera

  *The post that follows is from my foreigner viewpoint and is very generalized. I'm not spending too much time on this either so if I made a mistake or there is something you wish to add please let me know in the comment section.*

One reason I love Uruguay so much is that they are so much more different than I pictured people from Latin America. I had never heard of Uruguay before my study abroad plans for México fell through and apparently neither has the rest of América from the kinds of questions I got when I told people where I would be living this year. So, I thought I would take a post to explain how uruguayos are so unique from the rest of Latin America.

First off, it's urugua-sh-o. This is not the 'y' sound you learned in school, my fellow Spanish language learners, and I shall warn you of the similar 'll' sound as well. Both of these are pronounced as 'sh'-- the same sound you make to silence someone. Another shocker is the voseo where ¿Dedónde eres? and Tú puedes hacerlo become ¿Dedónde sos? and Vos podés hacerlo. I'm by no means a Spanish teacher, or any kind of language teacher, but I plan to have a blog where I do my best to explain both the accent here and the voseo. *Coming soon*

Secondly, you must use these words in your daily conversations: capaz, tipo, este, dale, che.

Next, if you don't like mate, smoke, think mayonnaise is the best condiment ever made, clap at the end of movies in the movie theater, prefer agua con gas, wrap your scarf around the bottom of your face in winter, use the word tranquilo to describe your country, enjoy beef as your favorite meat, then you deserve to have your citizenship seized and be dumped into the Rio de la Plata.

Fourthly*, you must be laid-back and pessimistic, but have a serious sense of pride in your country despite it's many setbacks and still struggling economy.

Screw porteños (people from Buenos Aires), you won the first World Cup and they are all going to get fat from drinking their mate with sugar and Tang.

I definitely plan on doing a part two and maybe three and four to this one day. I was just reading a lot of blogs about Spain and felt inspired to define (sort of) what it means to be Uruguayan.
10/28/2010 11:59:19 pm

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